Hueseros, Comadronas, Hechiceros, Yerberos, timeless figures of a world that has not lost its connection with the heartbeat of life, which unites what we know to give an answer to what does not have answers, the Great Mystery.

(Alessandra Comneno, preface to Nel giardino delle Curanderas)


Shamanism is a system of transcultural beliefs and practices that aim to put the human being in communication with a non-ordinary perception of reality in order to achieve knowledge, spiritual revelations or healing.

According to one of its first scholars, Edward Tylor, this peculiar conception of the cosmos finds its origin in the dream experience, from which our ancestors elaborated metaphysical contents such as the concept of Soul ... shamans all over the world agree on this.

Shamanism (specifically the Latin American one) hosts within itself a part of Cosmovision, or a direct relationship with the forces that give life to the Universe and a part of Curanderismo, that is, archaic medicine practices.

Il Giardino del Curandero is a project that aims to put the "Western" world and the Mayan shamanic culture in contact. The Mayan one is a tradition in which herbal medicine, myth and ritual blend and cooperate to restore inner, social and ecological balance.

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